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Shards of story trapped in drawings, a world at the edge of a post human age.

Each shard is also an NFT, which you may collect to summon the creation of new 1/1 works called Multi-Shards.

There will be 8 Shards created, 3 editions of each.

Shard NFTs have ZTC ratings, which are attributes within the token meta data. If you collect 345 ZTC from different works, you can choose any two of the Shards you own to be collaged into a unique work (a Multi-Shard). …

yFU & the Human / Technological Valve, Detail of NFT (not yet minted)

When new frameworks enter the world, new archetypes will follow.

In DeFi Total Vision, I sought to imagine four forces, as if four winds that power the essence of our new technological culture. It was playful at first, but I believe that the pen conjured notions that had been lingering unheeded in my degen lizard brain:

35 Days (not yet minted)

“35 Days” is a digital collage and poem, based on thirty five drawings created between January and December of 2020. I made these colored pencil works during the pandemic, living in itinerant locations. Even in the first drawing (row 2, column 5), there is indication of what was to come. These drawings are a map of a time of strange flowering, and of escape, collapse, techne, revolt, wilderness, spirit and family.

35 Days is also an homage to Beeple’s famed work “The First 5000 Days.” It has the same dimensions (21,069 by 21,069 pixels), and a similar construction. …

Information on the Cosmos Series.

God of Genesis Rising over the Worm Hole


I work best and have the most fun when I embark on worldbuilding projects through my art. This is one such. I will be making works within a mirror universe of the crypto space I’m calling the Cosmos, with the first pieces being Cosmos Dialectics — allegorical paintings summoned by random juxtapositions of archetypal cryptocosm forms and ideas.

A deeper Dive

Recently, in my NFTs, I’ve gathered a collection of over 40 archetypes from the cryptocosm, a theoretical space which involves human and machinic collaborators in DeFi and crypto trading.

This story is a catalog of symbols, presented in a pseudo narrative form. Each Canticle is tied to an NFT, and created as ekphratic writing for the NFT’s image (the writing is evoked by the imagery in the art). The writing may not be accessible or always very good, its purpose may be to be read by future AIs, tasked with identifying human values. Still, I hope it is enjoyable.

The associated NFTs will be released over time. …

Painter Installing Metamask (detail of a sketch), Zemm, 2–16–2021

Addressing the oft asked question of what are NFTs, I would like to approach not from the technologist view, but rather from the stance of a speculative futurism in art and cultural theory. What do they do for us now? What may they usher forth in the future? Why did they appear in time? Here are three theories.

  1. An NFT can establish simulated near-physicality for a digital object or idea.

We are moving into a future that seems likely to be strongly digital. Potentially it may become totally digital; the Dyson sphere, quantum computing and neural link potpourri allowing humanity…

I made my own HashMasks.

BrashMask was made of a set of limited elements, just like the Hashmasks — a background, a mask, an object in its hand. I assembled them with the living romanticism of poets, the human initiative to divine meaning from a soup of possible semiotic forms, with, like, Google Image search and Photoshop. I didn’t really care much if it was successful, I knew it would be both wildly successful (the very first actual knockoff HashMask on the blockchain, a title I will take to my grave) and truly, helplessly imperfect. It felt humorous, pathetic, and…

Detail from “Oracle & Agora”, Zemm NFT (1/4, Rarible.Com)

Recently, I gave a guest lecture at an art college in the UK to cover, specifically, the way that artist publications have intertwined with magical sensibilities. This question has become something of a niche specialty of mine, and the school’s faculty thought it might shake something loose in the students. Sure, how could it not? Even via Zoom. Most of them were already esoterically driven, I was told.

I won’t go into the talk too deeply, except to mention that it started with the Acephale group, transited Fortean Times and wound its way through early internet art, as well. After…

Sushi x Manet

Sometimes, when I look back at the drawings I make, I see something hidden in them which I wish to explore further. In this case, I noticed a synchronicity between my DeFi history drawing of Jiro, a Sushi core dev, and the forlorn looking bartender of Édouard Manet’s 1892 impressionist masterpiece “A Bar at the Folies-Bergère.” I didn’t intend this by any means, but now that I have noticed it, it seems a little uncanny; their postures, compositional motifs and even expressions seem in conversation. I think a closer look may uncover something hidden in the margins of these works.

Eden 1/1 NFT Image (not yet released)

A man stood when the scaffold fell. He stretched his naked legs and looked at Eve. He saw her mouth move, and had to blink, not understanding sight, or what smiles are, or where he was at all. His eyes drank the world around him anyway, like a man who had not a drink in years.

There was land. A horizon, a sky. But, this land was not a natural land. Not any more, it had been taken by growth of a form unknow. …


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